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Former Whittemore High School 


Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, revitalize, and maintain historical sites of meaning to African American communities throughout Horry County, South Carolina as well as to showcase African American cultural heritage and the contributions of Whittemore Alumni throughout the United States.


Our Purpose

  • To procure and preserve whatever may relate to the rich African American history throughout Horry County, South Carolina and the contributions of African American and Whittemore Alumni throughout the United States

  • To acquire by gift or donation, purchase or otherwise, buildings and other structures, collections of art and artifacts of historical significance to African Americans

  • To renovate, repair, and preserve the same for the benefit of the public

  • To charge, collect, solicit, and receive funds, donations, grants, and property – real and personal – to promote such purposes.


Our Goal

Our current goal is to save the WES from demolition and to develop it into a viable community center in collaboration with the City of Conway, CCU, and other interested parties.

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